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Alloy wheels can get damaged in many ways. If you are experiencing vibrations or shaking from your steering wheel or excessive tyre wear or tyres, then it is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from some type of damage. Our team of professionals can ensure your wheels get repaired effectively and efficiently to then come out looking as good as new.


With many years of experience, we can weld your wheels to completely transform the look and condition. If appropriate, the damaged area will be cut and shaped to receive the weld.


It will then be welded inside and out using welding equipment which minimizes the amount of heat transferred into the alloy. We always weld in such a way that the repair is at least flush with the surface of the wheel.


The welded area will be machined back to create a seamless finish. If necessary the welded areas will then be sanded and smoothed off by hand to complete the job to the highest standard.


A buckle in your alloy is very common nowadays and often causes tyre vibration, deflation and uneven tyre wear.


With a handy team of professionals, we can repair your damaged wheel and ensure it is safe and legal to use again. Using some of the best equipment, we can shape your wheel back into its original position using heat and force. 

Get in touch today to get a free quote see how we can help.

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