Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why use Herts wheels?


We offer the highest quality repair for your alloy wheels at a competitive price! We are conveniently located for our customers and we also offer a pick up and drop off service. 

Q.How long does the refurbishment / repair take?


We provide a spare set of wheels and tyres to fit your car so you can stay on the road whilst we refurbish your wheels. Subject to availability.

Powder coated wheels:  2-3 business days.

Diamond cut wheels:  Upto 5 business days A deposit may be required).

Structural repairs (straightening / welding):   95% of wheels are straightened on the day but for badly buckled / cracked wheels we offer a next day service.

Q.Can you collect the wheels or car from my home?


Yes, we can within a radius of 10 miles from St. Albans provided you can be flexible with the collection date & time. An extra charge may apply, please contact us for details.

Q.Can you supply spare wheels while mine are being refurbished?


Yes, in many cases we can provide replacement wheels for you to use while the refurbishment is taking place. A fee will be required.

Q.Do you remove the existing paint finish? 


Yes. The wheels are completely stripped back to the alloy, repaired if necessary and repainted through a multiple paint application process.

Q.Do the wheels need balancing after the refurbishment? 


Yes we always balance the wheels after the full refurbishment process. We also fit new standard valves as part of the process.

Q.What if the wheels are heavily kerbed and scraped? 


We can repair almost all kerb damaged wheels, on many occasions the damage can look worse than it really is. The best option is full refurbishment as we completely strip away the old paint from the wheel, in most cases the worst of the damage is to the thick paint surface. 

Q.What if my wheels have started to bubble or are already badly corroded and the paint is flaking? 


Our full refurbishment process will also restore wheels like this. It is better to do it sooner rather than later because once the protective paint layer is damaged corrosion can start to destroy the wheel even to the point where you can start to loose tyre pressure.

Q.Will my wheels look as good as new?


Yes they will, it is very hard to see any difference between our refurbished wheels and a brand new wheel. Only in cases where the wheel is severely corroded or has a bad casting from the factory can it be difficult to achieve our top quality finish. But there are many times when our finish looks better and even lasts longer than the one from the manufacturer. For ay concerns please contact us to discuss the condition of your wheels.

Q.What colours can you do? 


We stock most of the wheel manufacturers’ colours, plus we mix any colour you want even the same colour as your car.

Q.Can you match my centre caps? 


Yes, we can wet paint on plastic caps and powder coat metal caps in the same colour as your wheels, please note this service is at extra cost and are not included in the wheel refurbishment price.

Q.What if I already purchased the tyres and I want to fit them? 


You can save money by fitting your new and spend it on refurbishment. Because we remove the tyres for the repair process any way we don’t mind re-fitting them for you. We can also supply you with new tyres.

Q.What is a diamond cut wheel?


A diamond cut wheel is one that has been firstly painted and after painting or powder coating the outer face of the wheel is cut back on a lathe. The wheel is then lacquered to produce the overall effect. Diamond cut wheels typically have a gloss allooy face with contrasting dark wheel body. 

Unfortunately no. Generally, wheels come diamond cut. Sometimes a diamond cut finish can be applied to a non-diamond wheel, but this is not always possible so call us if you want advice on this. In most cases, we can only apply a diamond cut finish to wheels that are already diamond cut.   

Q.How long does the diamond cut finish last?


Diamond cut wheels generally do not retain their finish for as long as a powder coated wheel. Any damage to the lacquer, however small, can allow water ingress which discolours the lacquer. 

Q.How many times can you re-cut / refurbish a diamond cut wheel?


Usually one or two cuts at most. More than that and you can start to weaken the wheel. Also, the wheel needs to be perfect and not buckled. That is why we generally recommend a full refurbishment for a diamond cut wheel. 


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